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Moving from the Arduino Board to smaller circuits

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Recently, someone asked whether we could help to make a smaller, more presentable electronic prototype without needing to use the larger Arduino Board. We said yes, certainly, and today we would like to also share some of our experiments with you.

Moving from the Arduino UNO Board to Smaller IC Chips

Process of downsizing

Moving to smaller chips

A little blinking light

Blinking LED on a simple IC chip

It can get smaller still

While the smaller chip in the image above looks pretty neat, and can be fitted nicely onto a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) instead of a breadboard, it can get smaller still. There are smaller IC chips with legs that are too small to fit on a breadboard. So tiny that we had a little difficulty in picking the chips up to connect them. We eventually soldered them onto tiny boards. In this case, the batteries would likely be the limiting factor as to how small the entire package would be.

There are also limitations and considerations such as how many IO ports are required. If more ports are required, there are also tiny IC chips with more IO ports.

Moving from an Arduino Board to a tiny IC chip allows us to package smaller, more elegant prototypes. Beyond that, it also reduces the cost per unit.

If you would like to see more of these kind of experiments, let us know on Facebook and we may share more again soon :)
Or if you have a project that you would like us to help to miniaturize, do reach out to us via email or Facebook.

Have a great weekend!

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  3. Moving from the Arduino Board to smaller circuits


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