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Prototyping Services

At some stage of your innovation pipeline, you may need a little assistance with creating actual working prototypes. Perhaps an electronic mechanism, or a mobile friendly web application, or a 3D model/object.

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Feel free to contact us for your project enquiries. You can reach us via email to


Are you a non-technical person who simply loves technology? Have you ever dreamt of putting together your own electronics and maybe even write some code one day?

You can realise your dreams! Within a day, you can create your very own working circuits, even if you had no prior programming experience.

Workshops can be held at your office premises. Group size of 3 to 10 participants. If you are interested, please drop us an email to


It is hard to test anything if no one starts to build anything.

Below are some prototypes that we have built, that started with simple questions.

Sort Singapore Coins Conveniently

Coin Sorter and Packer

How might we sort Singapore Coins easily?

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Create Abstract Art with Strings!

The Writing on the wall

How might we create drawings without drawing them by hand?

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Custom AIY Voice Kit

Custom AIY Voice Kit

How might we create talking robots?

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Robotic Arm Plays Tic Tac Toe

Offline Games

How might we play games without the computer screen?

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Robotic Arms for Automation

Light Automation

How might we automate routine tasks such as sorting Singapore coins? Can robotic arms and smart vision help? Can similar technologies benefit your workforce?

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An Encouraging Hangar

Encouraging Gifts

How might we personalize gifts and everyday objects with encouraging and inspiring words?

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Send an SMS to Lock your device

SMS to Lock

How might we lock our Android Phone remotely via SMS?

Download SMS to Lock from the Google Play Store

USB fan with personalized LED messages

Personalized Gifts

How might we make our personalised gifts light up with personal messages?

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Simple Training POS

Simple Training POS

How might we promote financial literacy from a young age?

Can we allow the young ones to have fun learning to take orders and calculate change? Can the older ones also have fun becoming a cashier for a day?

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Smart Training Tray

Smart Training Tray

Prototypes, Electronics
Read more..

Complement Precision Robotics with Computer Vision

Smart Vision + Precision Robotics

Electronics, Prototypes, Smart Vision
Read more..

Simple Teaching Assistant

Smart Teaching Assistant

Prototypes, Smart Vision
Read more..

Simple Visitor Counter

Approximating Footfall

Prototypes, Electronics
Read more..

Smart Weighing Scale for Training

Smart Weighing Scale

Prototypes, Electronics
Read more..

Protect your apple without chins - a fun experiment

Apple Protector

Electronics, Prototypes
Read more..

Smart Gantry powered by Smart Vision

Smart Gantry

Electronics, Prototypes, Smart Vision
Read more..

Training Assistant with Smart Vision

Cleaning Cloth Training Assistant

Prototypes, Smart Vision
Read more..

Quick String Measurement Tool

Quick String Measurement

Electronics, Prototypes, 3D Designs
Read more..

Dry Training Cup

Dry Training Cup

Electronics, Prototypes
Read more..

Coin Counter

Speedy Coin Counter

Electronics, Prototypes, 3D Designs
Read more..

Smart Stick

Smart Walking Stick

Electronics, Prototypes, 3D Designs
Read more..

Coin Packer

Convenient Coin Packer

Prototypes, 3D Designs
Read more..

Making Old Devices Smart

Smart Old Appliances

Prototyping, Electronic Gadgets
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Fridge Door Sensor

Fridge Door Sensor

Electronic Gadgets v0.1
Read more..

Ammunition Inspection

Ammunition Inspection

Smart Vision v0.1
Read more..

Compete with your friend to see who has the fastest response time!

Tap Tap everyone can win

Toys, Electronic Gadgets v0.2
Read more..

Using Computer Vision to digitize equipment readings, and displaying the results on a mobile friendly dashboard

Equipment Monitoring

Computer Vision, Data Analysis v0.2
Read more..

Moving from the larger Arduino Board to smaller IC chips

Moving to IC Chips

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Our mission is to design and develop for good

We start by first trying to understand the problem/purpose,

And then explore simple solutions, and develop purpose-driven prototypes.

Just like some of the examples above.


We start by understanding what is the problem we are trying to solve (and maybe why). And then explore different approaches, before iterating with prototypes of varying resolutions.

The prototypes and mock-ups help users to envision the end product at the early stages and allow for quick iterations. Some may start with paper prototypes, and we help to convert those into wireframes, clickable mock-ups, electronic circuits and other forms of working prototypes.

Computer Vision

We create simple bots that digitize what they see and assist you in monitoring what you are interested in. Object tracking, OCR, object recognition and more.

Now we can have extra pairs of eyes to monitor those analogue devices and CCTVs too!

Electronic Gadgets

We program microcontrollers, sensors and actuators, and use them to solve everyday problems. Some of these included connector devices, which is now more commonly known as IOT (Internet of Things).

It is amazing how much can fit onto these little chips, and how tiny they can be.

Automated Testing

Testing web applications can be very time consuming, and tedious when you need to test the same thing over and over again. And we have heard the true stories of how when something new is built, something else breaks.

So we automate test scenarios, down to the button clicks and the capturing of screenshots!

Data Analysis

We build simple dashboards to turn raw data into meaningful information. Using web based charting libraries, or using tools like Tableau, QlikView or even MS Excel.

It is true that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. And it is also true that the type of picture you draw can change the entire storyline.

Responsive Web Apps

Once in awhile, we also build software applications that are optimized for the web and/or for mobile, to serve particular needs. For example, simple Point of Sales systems. Or connected order taking systems to improve communication between the cashier and the kitchen/back office.

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Who are we?

Simple Little Developments is an SME in Singapore that helps to transform ideas and dreams into reality, starting with simple steps. We enjoy doing research, developing ideas, creating prototypes and simple solutions to meet various needs and to improve the quality of life.

Our mission is to design and develop for good

We provide services such as electronics prototyping, 3D modelling, and the creation of web applications. And for those who would like to get more hands on, we also offer simple training workshops. Read More..

For prototyping, this includes Electronics, IOT, Computer Vision, as well as quick software mock-ups for Web Applications and Interfaces.
When you can envision the end result and it is really what you want, you can iterate and quickly turn your dreams into reality.

We also help with developing full-fledged applications for selected projects with clear objectives, especially those with a purpose.
We tend to prefer test driven development, keeping it user centric and keeping it simple.
If it gets too complex, we may suggest other alternatives for your consideration.

For enquiries and feedback, please write to
You are welcome to follow us on Facebook, YouTube or via our Blog to get updates on interesting prototypes and projects.


"Simple little things can mean the deepest things" - Anonymous

It can be really fun and satisfying to build software and hardware solutions to help to solve real world problems.
And to think of ways how technology can be useful to the world at large, especially for the less fortunate.

And yes, to make Singapore and the world a happier place for everyone!

  • Start Sharing

    November 2016

    Start Sharing

    Finally! You can now engage our services to help you with developing ideas, creating prototypes and simple solutions.

    If you are interested to take a step further and write some code yourself but have no programming experience, you may be interested to attend our introductory workshops where you get to create something and bring it home! We conduct workshops for organizations as well as for individuals with a minimum group size of 3.

    If you are just curious about what we do, you may like to follow our Blog or Facebook Page where we update some of our latest experiments from time to time.

    Want to reach out to us?
    You can leave us a message on Facebook or via email to

  • Start Building


    Start Building

    For many years, we have had fun building little prototypes and solutions in our free time. It was always refreshing and satisfying when we saw the solutions being used for good, even if they were for free. Starting with simple command line software and Windows-based applications, we quickly moved on to Adobe Flash and then subsequently to HTML5 and JavaScript as web technologies advanced over the years. More recently, Computer Vision and Electronics have added a new dimension to our software solutions, allowing the applications to "see" beyond the computer and to interact with the real world even without a computer screen.

    Together with system integration and the vast collection of APIs out in the wild, the possibilities are rather limitless. And even more so with various Smart Nation initiatives.

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