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Complement Precision Robotics with Computer Vision

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Some weeks back, our Smart Gantry Experiment demonstrated how Computer Vision can work hand in hand with motors and actuators.

This week, we take a step further to explore how it can be put it to use for light industrial automation.

Can we help to make automation tools more user-friendly and accessible for SMEs and small businesses in Singapore?
What if such equipment were easy to set up and available at a price of just a few thousand dollars?
Wait... That means it could even be cheaper than a Point of Sales Machine!

For a start, can we use computer vision to guide industrial robotic arms to pick and place items such as Nuts, Chilli, and more? Hopefully, we can provide some assistance to overworked employees and business owners.

Providing vision to the robot

Complement Precision Robotics with Computer Vision
Computer Vision is used to determine where the arm should move to, and what orientation the nuts are in.

Enable the robot to locate and pick the peanuts

Click here to open in YouTube.

This is just the beginning. We need to do better.
Instead of picking peanuts that are scattered, can we do better and automate the process starting right from a container full of peanuts?

From time to time, our readers offer really good suggestions for improvement.
Do you have an idea for improving the design or workflow? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page, or reach out to us directly if you prefer :)

Are you interested in automation for your business also?
Dream up your ideal scenario, and we can all take steps to make that a reality together!

A dream someone had was that a robot could help to pick up all the toys left lying around in the home. Now that would be fun!

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  3. Complement Precision Robotics with Computer Vision


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