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Participating in the SGdefence Exhibition

  • (updated 15 Nov, 2016)
  • Prototyping, Electronic Gadgets

Recently, as part of collaborations with folks from SAFAC for a MINDEF hackathon, we had fun creating prototypes together with some friends. Also came up with a smart camera prototype for counting of 5.56mm rounds. The project won 3rd place in the hackathon and is currently being showcased at the SGdefence exhibition from 4-8 November 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre (open to public).

Thankful for the opportunity to collaborate and to be part of the quest to explore possible solutions to real world challenges.

Below are some extracts of what was demonstrated at the public exhibition.

Smart Vision from the Side View

Automated counting of rounds as the ammo comes into the camera view (video taken during the public showcase)

Normal Vision

Normal vision of rounds - side view

Smart Vision

Applying Smart Vision to rounds - side view

Smart Vision from the Top View

Automated flagging out of wrongly packed expended rounds (generated based on still images)

Normal Vision

Normal vision of rounds - top view

Smart Vision

Applying Smart Vision to rounds - top view

Semi-Robotic Packer

And here's the concept of a prototype packer to make it easier to align and pack rounds into spacers

It was quite an interesting experience since this challenge involved both hardware and software. To create the prototypes, it required sawing wood, creating 3D drawings, sourcing for and soldering electronic components, writing code for the microprocessors, creating the mobile app and Smart Vision software and more. And packaging together the various parts such as the barcode scanner and other peripherals. Not to forget collaborating with our partners. :)

Special Thanks to the folks at MINDEF for organizing the MINDEF IOT Challenge, the folks at SAFAC, and of course all our friends/members of Team Simple 2016! If you do go down, do visit the many other exhibits! There is a lot of other interesting stuff over there, including smart devices that can help to vibrate and wake the drivers if they are fatigued and close their eyes.

Just some trivia: as we left the place, we saw an interesting quote on the wall:

The best is not shown

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