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Protect your valuable apple without chains

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This week, we will share with you a short story.

Tom shared a hostel room with 12 other people. On his way back from school after lunch, Tom went to the NTUC Supermarket near his hostel to buy an apple for his tea break. He placed it next to his laptop and went to take an afternoon nap. His laptop was locked to the table in his room but his apple was not. He did not have anything to lock it with.

He looked forward to munching the apple after he woke up!

When he woke up 2 hours later, he found that his apple has disappeared! He wondered whether any of the other 12 other people in his room had taken his apple, but he was too afraid to ask them.

Tom thought to himself, "someone or something (maybe a cat?) must have taken my apple, if only I had woken up to stop him/her/it."

How might we create an alarm for Tom that will alert him when his apple is being moved while he is having his afternoon nap?

A Simple Apple Protector

Protect your valuable apple without chains
It looks like a harmless platform to place your apple on

And let's see how it works

Click here to open in YouTube.

This experiment opens the mind to think of other ways of protecting your valuables apart from the typical chains and locks. What sensors can you use and what are the different approaches that you may adopt? Expand the experiment further and you can get notifications on your mobile devices too!

But there is also something else special about this experiment.

Even if you have no experience with programming, you can learn how to build something like that too!

If you are interested to find out more, do reach out to us via Facebook or via email.
At our 3 hour introductory workshop on programmable electronics, you can create something like that and bring it home! (Minimum of 3 participants per workshop)

Have fun exercising your creativity!

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  3. Protect your valuable apple without chains


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