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How quickly can you count Singapore coins?

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Some weeks back, we explored a way to conveniently sort and pack Singapore coins. That next iteration of that idea was a little more user friendly, allowed the use of generic containers instead of needing to use a specific type of coin case.

But it was missing something.

After sorting the coins, how could we quickly count them?
How much earnings have we made for the day? Or how many coins have we saved in the piggy bank?

Introducing Simple Counter!

A Simple Little Table Top Coin Counter

And here's how it works!

First you sort the coins, and then you count them.
This little device does the counting rapidly for you. Up to 100 coins in around 1 second!

How about an all in one packer and counter?
If taking another design approach, we could probably add sensors to immediately detect as the counters fall through the sorter. However, doing the counting as a separate module has its advantages. It keeps the design of each module simple and also allows for quick counting/verification of sorted coins without needing to put them back into the sorter again. For example, you want help the drink stall aunty to exchange 40 pieces of $1 coins. You pack it neatly to allow for easy visual verification. And this little device will help the aunty to do a second level check in a matter of seconds if necessary.

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This little device would be a nice addition to a child's semi-modern toy collection. (before society goes cashless) :)

I remember how I used to open up my piggy bank every few years years when I was a kid, and slowly sort and roll them into pieces of paper sorted by denomination, before carrying them in Ziplock bags to the POSB Bank. Back then, I remember the teller would count the coins together with me if the coins were packed in neat stacks. Today, I believe they have replaced with it with a commercial coin counting machine, which charges 1.2 cents per coin deposited. However, kids (up to 16 years old) with POSBkids or POSB Child Development accounts can enjoy a waiver of that fee! (Information accessed from DBS website on 17 December 2016)

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  3. How quickly can you count Singapore coins?


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